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Easter and Pentecost shape Christian worship and define the basis of congregational life. They signal a yearly liturgical cycle grounded in stories of forgiveness and new life in the spirit, giving form to spiritual formation. Continue reading »

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Rev. Dr. Rodney L. Petersen

See the address by the new executive director of the Lord’s Day Alliance to the Board of Managers on February 11, 2014. Continue reading »

Laura Everett

We long for rest from our increasingly frenetic lives. For those of us lucky enough to have regular days off, even weekends are a hustle of e-mails and errands. Continue reading »

John Pierce

It helpful for us to remember that Jesus did not violate the Sabbath — only human rules about the Sabbath. Continue reading »

Marv Knox

Unfortunately, 24/7 is a cultural phenomenon about which the church is no different than anyone else. We don’t slow down in our busy-ness, in our consumption, in our over-extension any better than our neighbors. Continue reading »

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